Solino story


montenegro seaside sunset with solino

Solino was born in 1991 as a Renault Traffic Van, but we first met when he was 29. Even though he seemed tired and old, we couldn’t help but fall in love with his charm and strikingness. He liked us too. In February 2020, Solino moved in with us and after six months of nurturing, cleaning, painting, renovation and a lot of love; he is now strong, healthy, happy and ready for all of you who want to rent a Van in Montenegro!

Solino stands for happiness, enjoyment and freedom. It is a neologism that represents the composition of freedom or a section in happiness composition made for primeness by a traveler, with or without accompaniments.

A versatile word, Solino can be used as a verb (“solino to Montenegro today”); a noun (“She drives a beautiful solino“); or an adjective (“I can’t wait for my solino trip in Montenegro”).

In either way, experiencing Montenegro by doing Solino van, having Solino van, or describing with Solino van; means escaping the usual tourism and discovering the magic of pristine nature.

Solino gives you the possibility to visit Montenegrin rough landscapes, charming spots, and get a spontaneous bear hug from many locals you encounter down the road.

Nights in Solino campers have never been more comfortable. Equipped with the kitchen and kitchen tableware, electricity, lights, cozy bed, closet and many more; Solino guarantees a peaceful sleep and open-minded dreams. We will also prepare a bedding for you, fully adapted to the season prevailing in Montenegro: warm blankets in the winter, light sheets and a portable fan for summer.

And not to forget rakija (traditional alcohol beverage of Montenegro) for any season. Rakija to get you going in the mornings. Rakija to cool you off in the evenings. You won’t find a home in Montenegro that doesn’t have a bottle of rakija in the cupboard. Neither will you enter Solino without it

All in all, Solino is a good boy, a dear friend, and an experienced tourist guide – Solino is A VAN FOR YOUR MEMORIES.

rent a van in montenegro

Main space

A six-person set easily convertible into 2+1 sleeping bed (dimension 180×160 cm) with an interior dining table. We provide clean linen and towels, pillows and a light blanket.


There is a sink and faucet with running water and a burner stove, electrical refrigerator (10L), trash can, dishes and a full cooking equipment (pans, pots etc.).


There are 14 wooden shelves and plenty of space for your suitcases, backpacks, and belongings.


Four interior led lights, three USB ports and four 220V charge inputs to charge everything you need! We will also prove the 15m extension cord to use in camps.


Radio with AUX and USB / two speakers, Fujitsu 23” monitor for movie nights (HDMI connector), Wi-Fi 4G.


Folding camping table and two chairs, awning, a tent


First aid, hydraulic jack, triangle & vests, spare tire, fire extinguisher, ignition cables.

Fun and relax

Books, board games, cards, music, roadmaps...

Escape To The Nature This Summer

When you need a perfect getaway for the summer, Solino is just the thing you’re looking for!

make the most of your montenegro trip

Camping equipment

Two sleeping bags and a tent are provided for your romantic nights under the stars.


Two adult-sized bicycles - breathe in the fresh mountain air through a beautiful ride on Montenegrin bike roads.

24/7 Pick-up and Drop-off

If you're planning to start or finish your trip at a location rather than Podgorica, Solino will come to you!


If you need a navigation guide, we will provide you with GPS navigator or map.

Airport transfer

We can arrange the transfer from and to Podgorica, Tivat, Dubrovnik or Tirana airport.

Eat and drink like locals do

For the true understanding of Montenegro, we offer you the possibility to try authentic traditional food made with fresh organic ingredients. While locals are very proud of their various culinary skills (every region has their own delicacies) the most interesting thing is that the food goes truly farm to table (the gardens, fields, ponds, or even sea are meters away from your table).
And not to forget rakija (traditional alcohol beverage of Montenegro) for any season. Rakija to get you going in the mornings. Rakija to cool you off in the evenings. You won't find a home in Montenegro that doesn't have a bottle of rakija in the cupboard. Neither will you enter Solino without it.


FAQ and info

A maximum of 3 people can sleep over.
Renault Traffic, 1991.
Manual transmission.
Fuel: Diesel.
Fuel consumption: 7L/100km

You must be at least 25 years old, with at least 3 years of driving experience to drive Solino.

If you would like to book Solino, please visit our Airbnb, or contact us directly via email or phone. We are happy about every message and will call you back.


Basic insurance is included in the rental price, and it covers costs like towing service and roadside assistance.

Additional insurance [optional] costs from 150 to 250 € and it covers physical damages inside or outside the van. The security deposit is optional and non-refundable. In case you make any outside damage on the car, the insurance will cover it (no matter if the damage is higher or lower then what you paid). In case you do not take an insurance, any damage that you cause must be covered entirely by you.

Security deposit – we will ask for a 250€ deposit. This is for the stuff inside Solino. The deposit will be given back to you if no damage has occured.

None of the insurance covers the cost in case of a crash or car accident in which you (the driver of Solino) caused it. It does not insure driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and you’re responsible for any damage caused while drunk/drugged driving and for speeding tickets, wrong parking, etc. Our insurance covers the damage only if the third person is guilty.

You must be at least 25 years old, with at least 3 years of driving experience to drive Solino.

Please note that payment of tourist tax is mandatory in Montenegro! According to law, each adult guest must pay 1€ per night. 

Our guests

We really enjoyed our stay and we are definitely coming back to Montenegro! The host gave us a very warm welcome and lots of information so that we felt confident driving Solino. We had no experience travelling with a van but Solino got us hooked!
We had a wonderful trip trough Montenegro with the best motorhome Solino, he never let us down! We also want to thank the warm and uncomplicated communciation with Nadja and Stefan at any time. We would to it exactly the same way again:)
We had amazing holidays in Montenegro with Solino ! Solino is fully equiped and very confortable 🙂 Nadja was very welcoming and very helpful all along our trip ! She gave us very good advices and did her best so that we enjoy our trip !
Highly recommended!! Nadja and Stefan are really kind and very helpfull ! They were waiting for us with the van at the airport, with beers, wine and a basket of fruits and vegetables we asked for. Solino is a nice cool van we loved to travel with across Montenegro for two weeks. Inside, you will find everything you need! Even a cheese grater that I don’t even have at home !
Nos hôtes ont été tout simplement adorables, bienveillants et le van est super bien équipé et surtout confortable 🙂 Nous recommandons mille fois un voyage en Solino au Monténégro !